Posted by: blackvector | March 12, 2009

5 People who broke the rules on social media and suceeded

Great article by David Sparks.

He says, “Advice only goes so far. The way we really learn is through real experiences. In this piece, I sought out stories of people who listened to the advice of experts, ignored it, did what they wanted to do, and then succeeded. There was only one rule they followed: They were convinced that what they were doing was right.”

Sometimes we need to break the mold and  start from scratch, advice is good, but it is like doctrine, a guide, a starting point. It is important not to get caught up in the advice as a law that must be followed. I am not advocating complete abdication, but rather one should know when it is time to throw out the “expert” advice and go with your gut feeling. This is what sparks innovation and creativity and as far as I am concerned progress. Public affairs will not move forward until we throw out some old advice and go with our gut feel.


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