Posted by: blackvector | March 6, 2009

Blocking YouTube Not The Answer

I find it ironic agencies all over the federal government are hailing YouTube as a way to get their information out, yet IT policies block even those whose job it is to post items to YouTube from accessing these sites. There are valid security issues that must be addressed, but there are valid reasons for access that must equally be addressed. The “block all sites” approach is not the happy medium. It is not even the middle of the road.

Why should feds have access to these sites?

The post below talks about how Citizens Are Conversations. Agencies must be involved in the SM sphere to get their messages out, but if their employees can’t access the sites, it is problematic. You can’t have citizen engagement for your organization if your PA/PR folks can’t access the tools to do their jobs.

Dr Mark Drapeau has an excellent piece on this at


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