Posted by: blackvector | February 4, 2009

Citizen Engagement in Government

Interesting read from Brian Drake:
He highlights some issues with Gov 2.0. I do not agree with his statement about the Bush administration classifying more info than since Nixon, it is out of context here.  There are volumes of information available now to classify than there ever was during the 1970s, due in large part to technology.
However, his questions do strike at the heart of this so-called transparency in govt movement, which places transparency above OPSEC. Also, opens discourse between the masses and the policy makers. Feedback is good, but an over abundance of it gets you nowhere. I agree with transparency, and these are all issues that will need to be addressed.

Problem 3: Citizen Engagement with Policy

We are exiting an administration that classified more information than Nixon. We have an opportunity to expose methods for deeper citizen engagement in government. We should be tackling issues like:

Should the rules for government data disclosure be revised? (FOIA)

Should policy decisions permit citizen comments and edits?

Should government employees work in a single, common technical environment? (.govipedia)

What can this White House do to advance the cause of a more citizen-driven government?

These issues are salient and will scope the future of our government. Not leveraging the opportunities presented by the Government 2.0 BarCamp would be a mistake.


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